Thai Noodles with Brussels Sprouts


Every so often, I come up with a vegan recipe by accident. Normally, I’ll eat a piece of cheese as big as my head. Eggs provide some extra protein, and I crave fish. Thus…ovo-lacto-pesco. For the following dish, I just happened to have the ingredients on hand, cooked them up, and then decided it would be just as good cold as hot. It was. Here’s what you need and, as usual, the proportions are up to you according to your taste and to what you have calling to you from the crisper.

linguine, or some kind of Asian noodle
brussels sprouts
red bell pepper
poblano pepper, or something hotter if you like
garlic clove, minced
hot red pepper flakes
lemon juice
tamari or soy sauce
lemon juice
vegetable oil
fresh cilantro
brown sugar or molasses
toasted sesame seed

Cook the noodles to al dente, drain, set aside. Chop the veggies.

chopped veggies

Cut off the hard ends of the brussels sprouts and cut a deep “X” in the end of each one. Parboil for 7 minutes, drain, dunk in cold water, and drain again after they have cooled. Cut  each sprout in half lengthwise and set aside.


Heat a skillet to medium-high and add a little vegetable oil. Quickly saute the veggies with hot red paper flakes, adding a little lime juice and a lot of tamari or soy sauce, as well as about a half a beer. (Don’t waste the other half; drink it.) Throw in the minced garlic and the sugar, turn the heat down to medium, and let the liquid thicken just a little.


Pour off the veggie mixture into a bowl.


While the skillet is still hot and has a little of the moisture left in it, turn the heat back up to medium high, throw in the brussels sprout halves, and quickly char them a bit. Add them to the bowl with the veggies. Add some sesame seeds if you want.


After the veggie mixture has cooled, pour it over the noodles, toss, and put in the fridge. Before serving, add lots of fresh cilantro (stems removed).

Serve, and enjoy.

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