Sunday Fritatta

Sunday Fritatta

I love Sunday mornings, when we can have a leisurely breakfast, without work or synagogue or chores intruding. Nothing like sitting down to a simple fritatta, a big cup of coffee, and CBS Sunday Morning – yes, we’re officially geezers – on the tube.

Microwave one large baking potato, then chop it into large cubes.

Raise your oven rack to the top and turn broiler in oven to high.

Chop up:
red bell pepper
green bell pepper
any other mild pepper, like poblano
red onion

Beat 4 large eggs with 1 tablespoon of water.

Heat a skillet to medium-high, add a little vegetable oil (heating the skillet first keeps the oil from burning) and saute the veggies.

Heat another skillet to medium – I usually use a non-stick skillet, but this time I used the old faithful, the well-seasoned iron skillet – if you use the iron skillet, you’ll need to wipe it generously with oil first. When the skillet is heated, pour in the egg and quickly add the potatoes and the veggie mixture, distributed evenly across the surface of the egg. Cover with as much grated cheese as you like. Let this cook until the bottom just begins to form a crust, then move the skillet from the stovetop to under the broiler, leaving the oven door cracked a little. Watch it very closely and remove when it begins to bubble with just a hint of browning.

Let the fritatta sit a minute before cutting into slices to serve.

Sunday Fritatta served

You’ll notice that there aren’t many measurements in this recipe. You can adjust for more veggies, less cheese, different veggies, whatever you like; it’s hard to ruin this one. Oh, and – somebody kill me for quoting Paula Deen – I’m not your doctor, I’m the cook. If this recipe contains things you don’t like or can’t have, adjust to suit yourself.

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