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Easy Spinach Lasagna with Julie Sauce

It seems a bit shameless to call this a “recipe,” because it’s mostly assembling, putting together ingredients with bits and pieces of love and memory. But this lasagna recipe includes a new twist for me, something I’ll call “Julie Sauce.” … Continue reading

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It don’t matter.

To get to our favorite beach in the Florida Panhandle, my husband and I drive the entire length of the great state of Alabama. In Clanton, just a wide spot in the road, there’s an eatery called the It Don’t … Continue reading

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Mexican Lasagna

I’ve seen recipes for various layered Mexican dishes and decided I didn’t really need a recipe. Since I keep flour tortillas, black beans, canned corn, cheeses, cilantro and different peppers all the time, I just made a run through the … Continue reading

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Linguine with Spinach and Sun-dried Tomatoes

This is a fast, easy, healthy pasta recipe. Assemble these ingredients: linguine, 1 lb. box handful of sun-dried tomatoes bag of pre-washed baby spinach sliced mushrooms vegetable oil, 3 tablespoons give or take clove of garlic, diced fine or crushed … Continue reading

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Vegan Chili That Doesn’t Taste Like it.

Update: Instead of TVP, I’ve been trying out some of the soy-based crumbles. The Publix brand soy crumbles aren’t bad, the the Boca Veggie Ground Crumbles are so much like ground beef you’ll be able to fool just about anybody. … Continue reading

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Angel Hair with Asparagus and Bruschetta

With the last of the home-grown tomatoes, I made Hubby the bruschetta I had been promising. Rather than an appetizer, we like our bruschetta served with our pasta. The first thing is to dice the tomatoes small, drizzle with olive … Continue reading

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Mama Carbone’s Marinara

Growing up in Nashville in the 1960s and 1970s, there wasn’t much “ethnic” food. For Italian, there were a couple of mom-and-pop places that had spaghetti. But I was lucky enough that my best friend, Lisa, came from a real, … Continue reading

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