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Easy Spinach Lasagna with Julie Sauce

It seems a bit shameless to call this a “recipe,” because it’s mostly assembling, putting together ingredients with bits and pieces of love and memory. But this lasagna recipe includes a new twist for me, something I’ll call “Julie Sauce.” … Continue reading

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Mexican Bean Salad with Blackened Sweet Potatoes

Here’s a summery, crunchy, spicy salad that is so easy to make. First, gather your ingredients: One can black beans, drained and rinsed Cooked white rice Kernals of corn (fresh is best), two ears Red and green bell pepper, chopped … Continue reading

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Lemony Parmesan Orzo Salad

This is a twist on all those great orzo salad recipes out there. Yours may be different; put in the things you like most from summer’s bounty. Gather your ingredients: dried orzo (I used one cup dry for two people … Continue reading

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Hearty Lentil Soup

When I first became vegetarian, soup was one of the first things I missed. Most soups that seemed fit to eat were made with stock. So, unless you ate tomato soup, you couldn’t be sure there were no animal products … Continue reading

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It don’t matter.

To get to our favorite beach in the Florida Panhandle, my husband and I drive the entire length of the great state of Alabama. In Clanton, just a wide spot in the road, there’s an eatery called the It Don’t … Continue reading

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Mexican Lasagna

I’ve seen recipes for various layered Mexican dishes and decided I didn’t really need a recipe. Since I keep flour tortillas, black beans, canned corn, cheeses, cilantro and different peppers all the time, I just made a run through the … Continue reading

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Thai Noodles with Brussels Sprouts

Every so often, I come up with a vegan recipe by accident. Normally, I’ll eat a piece of cheese as big as my head. Eggs provide some extra protein, and I crave fish. Thus…ovo-lacto-pesco. For the following dish, I just … Continue reading

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Sunday Fritatta

I love Sunday mornings, when we can have a leisurely breakfast, without work or synagogue or chores intruding. Nothing like sitting down to a simple fritatta, a big cup of coffee, and CBS Sunday Morning – yes, we’re officially geezers … Continue reading

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Neil’s Wildly Spicy Ginger Cake

My neighbor, Neil Wilding, was a fabulous cook. Such an epicure…he once made an Indian dinner for me and my husband that was 12 courses. It took him three days, including driving all over Nashville to find the individual native … Continue reading

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Kale with Tangelo and Garlic

I never was a huge fan of kale, or turnip greens, or chard. They could be tough and bitter unless you cooked them for about four days, common practice in the old South. But lately I’ve had kale cooked to … Continue reading

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