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Easy Spinach Lasagna with Julie Sauce

It seems a bit shameless to call this a “recipe,” because it’s mostly assembling, putting together ingredients with bits and pieces of love and memory. But this lasagna recipe includes a new twist for me, something I’ll call “Julie Sauce.” … Continue reading

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Mexican Bean Salad with Blackened Sweet Potatoes

Here’s a summery, crunchy, spicy salad that is so easy to make. First, gather your ingredients: One can black beans, drained and rinsed Cooked white rice Kernals of corn (fresh is best), two ears Red and green bell pepper, chopped … Continue reading

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Lemony Parmesan Orzo Salad

This is a twist on all those great orzo salad recipes out there. Yours may be different; put in the things you like most from summer’s bounty. Gather your ingredients: dried orzo (I used one cup dry for two people … Continue reading

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Hearty Lentil Soup

When I first became vegetarian, soup was one of the first things I missed. Most soups that seemed fit to eat were made with stock. So, unless you ate tomato soup, you couldn’t be sure there were no animal products … Continue reading

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It don’t matter.

To get to our favorite beach in the Florida Panhandle, my husband and I drive the entire length of the great state of Alabama. In Clanton, just a wide spot in the road, there’s an eatery called the It Don’t … Continue reading

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Mexican Lasagna

I’ve seen recipes for various layered Mexican dishes and decided I didn’t really need a recipe. Since I keep flour tortillas, black beans, canned corn, cheeses, cilantro and different peppers all the time, I just made a run through the … Continue reading

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Thai Noodles with Brussels Sprouts

Every so often, I come up with a vegan recipe by accident. Normally, I’ll eat a piece of cheese as big as my head. Eggs provide some extra protein, and I crave fish. Thus…ovo-lacto-pesco. For the following dish, I just … Continue reading

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