Lemony Parmesan Orzo Salad

lemony orzo salad recipeThis is a twist on all those great orzo salad recipes out there. Yours may be different; put in the things you like most from summer’s bounty.

Gather your ingredients:

dried orzo (I used one cup dry for two people and it was more than enough for a main dish)
extra virgin olive oil
grated good parmesan
cucumber, peeled and chopped
home-grown tomato, seeds and gooshy stuff removed, chopped
fresh Italian flat-leaf parsley, chopped
garlic powder
salt and coarsely ground black pepper
lemon juice
crumbled feta cheese
pitted greek olives

ingredientsCook the orzo according to package directions, drain, put in large bowl; drizzle some olive oil (not too much, just enough to coat the pasta) and put in a generous amount of grated parmesan. Let cool while you do the rest.

orzo salad mixChop the tomatoes, cucumbers and parsley and put them in a bowl with the lemon juice (sorry, you know I don’t measure anything) and a sprinkling of garlic powder to taste. When the pasta/parmesan mixture is room temperature, fold the veggie mixture into it. Salt and black pepper to taste. Chill. Before serving, add crumbled feta and garnish with pitted greek olives. Serve with a good, stout bread and olive oil with parmesan and pepper.

lemony parmesan orzo salad

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1 Response to Lemony Parmesan Orzo Salad

  1. Judith Wolf Mandell says:

    Yum! (I can just hear Julia Child saying “gooshy!” Would this work with quinoa, d’ya think?

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