Black Bean Avocado Salad


Avocados are plentiful and relatively cheap right now, and they add a richness to a summery bean salad. You may want to put a can of corn (drained) into this; I just didn’t have any in the pantry.

Open and dice two ripe avocados. Click here for a demonstration of how to do this easily. Toss in lime juice and set aside.


Drain and rinse two cans of black beans; also drain about 6 ounces of a good, chunky salsa.


In a large bowl, put the beans, avocado, salsa, and a couple of chopped roma tomatoes.


Chop half a poblano (or other) pepper, onion and garlic; add to the bean mix.

Sprinkle the mixture with chili powder, toss in a handful of chopped fresh cilantro, and mix. Serve with tortilla chips. Makes a nice side dish with fish tacos. Enjoy!

Let us know how this turned out for you in the comments section.

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