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Perfect cornbread, every time.

Where I come from, we take our cornbread very seriously. By cornbread, I don’t mean that dry, crumbly, hard-to-swallow stuff that’s really only fit to scrub bathtubs with. I mean that lovely, soft slice of heaven that’s so moist you … Continue reading

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Hearty Lentil Soup

When I first became vegetarian, soup was one of the first things I missed. Most soups that seemed fit to eat were made with stock. So, unless you ate tomato soup, you couldn’t be sure there were no animal products … Continue reading

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Index of Recipes

Click on the links below to go straight to each recipe. Enjoy! ~ Angel Hair with Asparagus and Bruschetta ~ Brussels Sprouts You Won’t Hate ~ Easiest Potato Soup Ever ~ Easy Egg Burrito ~ Easy Vinaigrette ~ Hearty Lentil … Continue reading

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Kale with Tangelo and Garlic

I never was a huge fan of kale, or turnip greens, or chard. They could be tough and bitter unless you cooked them for about four days, common practice in the old South. But lately I’ve had kale cooked to … Continue reading

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Easiest Potato Soup Ever

My mother-in-law gave me this one, and it’s ridiculously simple. Here’s all you do… peel three or four pounds of potatoes…no bakers, I like Yukon Gold, and dice in 1″ cubes or a little larger. Put them in a large, … Continue reading

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