No-Fat Crunchy Cilantro Slaw


This recipe is fast, easy and spicy. It’s definitely not the slaw I grew up with, made of finely ground cabbage and swimming in mayo. This one is light, crunchy, fat-free and vegan. It goes really well with fish tacos. You’ll only need a few ingredients:

small head of cabbage
large handful of fresh cilantro
red onion
vegetable oil (not olive, though)
red wine vinegar
ice water
celery seed


Chop the cabbage ~ not too finely ~ and put it in a large bowl. If you want to use red cabbage or add some to the mix for color, it’s fine.


Chop the cilantro a little to release the oils but not into teeny pieces; the cilantro leaves look pretty in the slaw. Finely chop about a 1/4″ slice of red onion. Add both to the chopped cabbage.


Make an mix of 2/3 oil and 1/3 vinegar; the total should be about 6 ounces. Add 1/2 tsp. pepper ~ I use the white pepper a friend brought me from Cambodia ~ some salt, and a full teaspon of celery seed. Shake, and pour over the cabbage mix, then pour in a cup of ice cold water. Mix, and refrigerate. Serve very cold.


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3 Responses to No-Fat Crunchy Cilantro Slaw

  1. judithandallan says:

    Another great “assemble” recipe!

    We planted our first herb garden (small) recently; I issued a “take whatever you want, whenever” invitation to the ‘hood. Cilantro: all gone. No signs of regrowth, yet.

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