Just a pinch.


You’ll notice that the proportions of the ingredients for most of the recipes here are sort of vague… a little of this, a handful of that, add so-and-so to taste. If you’re baking cakes or anything where some pretty specific chemistry has to happen, it matters. (Hint: if it has baking soda or baking powder in it, you should measure carefully.)

My neighbor, Neil, whom I adored, measured everything to a nearly atomic level. Just making coffee turned his kitchen into a laboratory. Maybe that’s because he was a scientist and because he wasn’t from the South. Neil passed away last year; he was a good man and I miss him.

I used to love to stand next to my great-grandmother as she made biscuits or dumplings. She had a 5-gallon bucket of lard under the cabinet, and she would reach in there, grab a handful of the stuff, and plop it into the flour in her ancient wooden bread bowl. Not only didn’t she measure, she didn’t even look. I remember asking her one time to define a “pinch” of an ingredient. She just laughed. Of course, one of the best definitions came when Cajun chef Justin Wilson said, “How much is a pinch? Well, dat depen’ on wha you pinchin.”

Granny’s bread bowl.


Do you measure, or do you just wing it? Comment below…

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2 Responses to Just a pinch.

  1. judithandallan says:

    I’m jealous of the kitchen stuff you have from your Momma and Granny…especialy your cast-iron seasoned skillet. I have only Mommy’s Revere pot with a lid that has no knob.Maybe I’m an uninspired cook because of heirloom deprivation?

    Yes, please sign me up to get these blog entries.


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